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ND plexiglass filter  
Allows for slower shutter speeds when blurring or showing of movement is desired. Allows balancing of exposure to highlight a key subject. The size available: 25mm—77mm
IR filter  
Infrared filters block all visible light letting only infrared light pass. These filters are for use on cameras that are infrared sensitive. Filters are constructed of optical precision ground and polished glass. Infrared Filters are great for viewing under complete darkness if you have an infrared illuminator. 720nm : Suitable when at dawn or under faint light 850nm : Suitable for indoor and weak light use 950nm : Suitable for outdoor and strong light use. The size available : 37mm—77mm
ND filter  
Model : ND2, ND4,ND8,ND16 The size available: 25mm—82mm
CPL filter with thin ring  
The filter can remove the reflections from the non-metallic surfaces like water and glass. With this filter, color saturation can be improved significantly especially outdoors and landscape. It enhance contrast and the colors shall become brighter and cleaner in the photo. Double Thread which can install the screw mount lens hood.
CP Graduated filter  
Colour available:Gray,Tobacco,Blue,Red Green,Green,Sepia,Dark Violet,Orange etc.
CP Color filter  
Color available:Sunset,Tobacco,Blue,Red Green,Green,Sepia,Dark Grey,Orange etc.
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