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Kit bag for 3pcs LED-50A
The Kit Bag is a soft padded case designed to transport and protect a 2 or 3 flashlight lighting kit. It has space to hold 2 or 3 flashlight with reflectors, cables, umbrellas light stands and so on. It features overlapping carrying handles, which can be extended and converted into shoulder straps. Padded nylon carrying case made for a lighting outfit and Touch fastener moveable interior dividers.
It is perfect for professional studio equipment,e.g. for 2-3 studio flashes,2-3 light stand, softboxes photo umbrella etc.
KB-B These bags are suitable for all our studio flash light and will fit flash heads,soft box,light stand,umbrellas,barn door,snoot,ect.For location shooting or for storage,your precious will be packed safely in these easily portable and study carry bags.
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