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EX-600FS TTL  
• Flash duration up to 1/10000s to freeze action. • Supports stroboscopic, capture multiple images of a moving subjects on a single frame • True high output power, always end with satisfying artworks. • Recycles to full power within 1 seconds,makes it easier to capture the perfect moment by shooting. • Build-in 2.4GHz radio receiver, with 8 channels, 30IDs and 3 groups. It is controllable wirelessly at effective distances up to 25m. • In TTL mode, flash automatically release proper power, has ±3 stops of wireless TTL exposure compensation, increase or decrease by 1/3th stop. • In manual mode, flash output power is available from 1/1 to 1/128, controllable in precise 1/3th stop increments • With fan cooled system, the flash satisfies heavy studio work to continuously take picture one after another. • Consistent flash output multiple shots, capture splendid moment. • Support firmware upgrade
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