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Tri Grip Reflector three color The size available: 60cm/24" 80cm/32"
Tri Grip Reflector Silver & White The size available: 60cm/24" 80cm/32"
The foldable reflectors are perfect for reducing contrast,warming skin tones,eliminating shadows or just softening light.They can be hand held or attached to a light stand with the extendable reflector holder.
The Silver/White reflector is for use in adding contrast in areas that lack contrast.The white reflector is ideal for wedding photographers as this will not add any false colour to a brides dress and also in Studio for neutral balance of light.
A Silver/Gold reflector is for use in adding warmth in outdoor portraits best used in lower light conditions.The silver reflector is also best used in lower light conditions for adding a higher levels of contrast to the subject.
5-in-1 Reflector with Arm and Stand kit is the ideal way to hold 5 in 1 reflectors in place the versatile joint allows positioning at almost any angle.The standard universal base allows a secure connection to the supplied Micropro Lighting Stand.
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